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Master Project Plans And Project Initiation Documents Are Important, But There Are Alternatives…

A whole while ago, I posted an article calling in question the importance and necessity of a Master Project Plan or Project Initiation Document and I defended that some times they cripple an organisation’s agility to respond to changes quickly, all while creating quite some overhead to running projects. It was when Ben Pappin (@pappi23) commented … Continue reading

The Evolution of IT Methodologies

Together with the IT development technologies (what with Struts, Hibernate, Spring, EJB, WPF, Ajax…), the amount of IT methodologies has increased nigh-exponentially as well. I decided to do a quick look-up of methodologies, so that I could categorize them and find out their origins. And although the approach and method to this “research” is far from scientific and its findings arguable, it still makes for an interesting take on the subject. Continue reading

Microsoft Project and PRINCE2 – A better template.

Since I thought the Microsoft-hosted project file was such an abomination of what PRINCE2 and correct usage of Microsoft Project is about, I decided to create a template myself – one which not only shows the complete and correct PRINCE2 process, but one which also shows how Microsoft Project should be used. Is it perfect? No, far from it. Is it better than what you can find on Office.com? You bet! Continue reading

Master Project Plans And Project Inititiation Documents Are Important, Or Are They?

As a project manager I have been through my fair share of creating lively documents bundling all of the information necessary to describe a complete project from start to finish. They have always been a necessity both to myself as to the boards or steering committees I have presented the fundamentals of these documents to. They are … Continue reading

What Makes Project Management Difficult?

I have been giving trainings about Project Management for quite some time now and apart from the PRINCE2 methodology which I am highly in favor of, I continuously address the importance of communication as being key to managing successful projects. While this may not be new to most persons (“of course communication is important”), I … Continue reading

Is Evidence Based Management A Myth?

I’ll take the definition of “EBM” from their website: Evidence-Based Management is a commitment to finding and using the best theory and data available at the time to make decisions. It builds its methodology on five principles: Face the hard facts – and build a culture which encourages people to tell the truth. Be committed … Continue reading

Managers Face Huge Responsibilities

We all know how immensely crucial our immediate managers are in day-to-day working life. They are the persons who guide us, steer us, motivate us, coach us, keep us in check, define targets, create the team’s working environment, keep nagging corporate execs from disturbing us from our daily proceedings, take the flack, praise us, understand us and so on. Without them we would be steerless. Like a ship at sail without its captain. We probably also know how it is to work for somebody who does not meet up to a lot of these expectations and how difficult it can be to work for somebody like that. Continue reading

Stupid Management Practices And Potential Solutions

One of my favorite management sites regularly post some thought-provoking little articles – The Job already mentioned that before. The entry linked below is about stupid management practices. It only gives three of them, which I will run through and give some advice about. The three practices mentioned are: Dangerous Complexity Dysfunctional Internal Competition Breaking-up … Continue reading

Lead by Example by Telling Stories

Editor Astrid Schutte makes a very valid and well researched point in her latest article about leadership on the Dutch management website “ManagementSite.nl”. She discusses the apparent fact that “Real Leaders Tell a Good Story“, as she uses two examples of companies which ran through a re-evaluation of their approach. One company succeeded and the … Continue reading

Find Something That Really Switches You On

Leaning towards my last post, I couldn’t agree more with Microsoft’s head honcho Steve Balmer. During the day the Dutch television program ‘NOVA’ had with him, he mentioned something we all should remember throughout our lives and certainly throughout our careers. The simple line I am referring to is “Find something that really switches you … Continue reading