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Managers Face Huge Responsibilities

We all know how immensely crucial our immediate managers are in day-to-day working life. They are the persons who guide us, steer us, motivate us, coach us, keep us in check, define targets, create the team’s working environment, keep nagging corporate execs from disturbing us from our daily proceedings, take the flack, praise us, understand us and so on. Without them we would be steerless. Like a ship at sail without its captain. We probably also know how it is to work for somebody who does not meet up to a lot of these expectations and how difficult it can be to work for somebody like that. Continue reading


Stupid Management Practices And Potential Solutions

One of my favorite management sites regularly post some thought-provoking little articles – The Job already mentioned that before. The entry linked below is about stupid management practices. It only gives three of them, which I will run through and give some advice about. The three practices mentioned are: Dangerous Complexity Dysfunctional Internal Competition Breaking-up … Continue reading

What If Our Education Was Better?

Imagine that from the moment we go to school, we are made aware of our strengths and that we take our weaknesses for granted. That, the moment we attend classes, we are evaluated for what we do best and that we are allowed our lesser points. That, every single thing we do at this young age, is reflected to what our teachers have come to learn about us and that we are encouraged to improve our strengths, instead of being remembered about our weak points? Continue reading

The Threat Rigidity Effect in Full Effect

Well, although the notion exists since the beginning of the 80’ies, this is the first time ever I heard of the existence of a so-called “threat rigidity effect”. Its symptoms do sound familiar though, when a company is faced with a negative downturn, some react according to the threat rigidity effect; when the company does, … Continue reading