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Is Evidence Based Management A Myth?

I’ll take the definition of “EBM” from their website: Evidence-Based Management is a commitment to finding and using the best theory and data available at the time to make decisions. It builds its methodology on five principles: Face the hard facts – and build a culture which encourages people to tell the truth. Be committed … Continue reading

Managers Face Huge Responsibilities

We all know how immensely crucial our immediate managers are in day-to-day working life. They are the persons who guide us, steer us, motivate us, coach us, keep us in check, define targets, create the team’s working environment, keep nagging corporate execs from disturbing us from our daily proceedings, take the flack, praise us, understand us and so on. Without them we would be steerless. Like a ship at sail without its captain. We probably also know how it is to work for somebody who does not meet up to a lot of these expectations and how difficult it can be to work for somebody like that. Continue reading

Too Much Focus on Formal Education Wastes Talent

When managers interview new candidates for a certain position, they all too often approach the interview incorrectly. The site which is linked below describes some common pitfalls and there is nothing more to add really. If all of these are taken as advice and used the next time a job interview is made, then chances are indeed high that a correct candidate is chosen. It is not so much these 10 mistakes which I want to write about, but rather comment 13. Continue reading

Do Women Make Better Managers?

Do Women Make Better Managers?: “The author of this MSN article says that women make better managers and lays out her reasons why.” The very basic notion which is not taken into account here, is that management requires a certain set of talents which can be present in both male and female. It is a … Continue reading