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Stupid Management Practices And Potential Solutions

One of my favorite management sites regularly post some thought-provoking little articles – The Job already mentioned that before. The entry linked below is about stupid management practices. It only gives three of them, which I will run through and give some advice about. The three practices mentioned are: Dangerous Complexity Dysfunctional Internal Competition Breaking-up … Continue reading

Too Much Focus on Formal Education Wastes Talent

When managers interview new candidates for a certain position, they all too often approach the interview incorrectly. The site which is linked below describes some common pitfalls and there is nothing more to add really. If all of these are taken as advice and used the next time a job interview is made, then chances are indeed high that a correct candidate is chosen. It is not so much these 10 mistakes which I want to write about, but rather comment 13. Continue reading

Characteristics of a good manager

This Dutch article linked below discusses the traits a good manager should have by introducing first how a lack of these show in their daily work. I can relate to the traits being described when managers or leaders lack a certain skill and I do not dispute their exhaustiveness. I can also relate to the … Continue reading