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Master Project Plans And Project Initiation Documents Are Important, But There Are Alternatives…

A whole while ago, I posted an article¬†calling in question the importance and necessity of a Master Project Plan or Project Initiation Document and I defended that some times they cripple an organisation’s agility to respond to changes quickly, all while creating quite some overhead to running projects. It was when Ben Pappin (@pappi23) commented … Continue reading

The Evolution of IT Methodologies

Together with the IT development technologies (what with Struts, Hibernate, Spring, EJB, WPF, Ajax…), the amount of IT methodologies has increased nigh-exponentially as well. I decided to do a quick look-up of methodologies, so that I could categorize them and find out their origins. And although the approach and method to this “research” is far from scientific and its findings arguable, it still makes for an interesting take on the subject. Continue reading