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Master Project Plans And Project Initiation Documents Are Important, But There Are Alternatives…

A whole while ago, I posted an article calling in question the importance and necessity of a Master Project Plan or Project Initiation Document and I defended that some times they cripple an organisation’s agility to respond to changes quickly, all while creating quite some overhead to running projects. It was when Ben Pappin (@pappi23) commented … Continue reading

Microsoft Project and PRINCE2 – A better template.

Since I thought the Microsoft-hosted project file was such an abomination of what PRINCE2 and correct usage of Microsoft Project is about, I decided to create a template myself – one which not only shows the complete and correct PRINCE2 process, but one which also shows how Microsoft Project should be used. Is it perfect? No, far from it. Is it better than what you can find on Office.com? You bet! Continue reading

Master Project Plans And Project Inititiation Documents Are Important, Or Are They?

As a project manager I have been through my fair share of creating lively documents bundling all of the information necessary to describe a complete project from start to finish. They have always been a necessity both to myself as to the boards or steering committees I have presented the fundamentals of these documents to. They are … Continue reading